We have received overwhelmingly positive, unsolicited feedback from our customers for both our semi-frameless and frameless shower screens over the years - we need to update them, apologies. There are a few reviews on Wayfair, Amazon and Houzz, in addition to numerous emails:

Turned out great! We love it. Thank you!
Valerie W. - CA, model 6408NHR. April 21, 2017
We love our screens, and friends of ours bought them, too (who live in Boulder)
Laurie C. - WA, model 6408SHR. April 14, 2017
Your replacement shower door arrived.  I am delighted.  Thank you so much for standing behind your product.  I am satisfied not only in having chosen a well made, beautiful product, but am equally  gratified to have selected a company that honors its work.  I see very little of this today unfortunately, but then I am 83 and all of us “old folks”  like to brag about the old days.  Maybe we have selective memories, but whatever it is, I do thank you. 
Anne H. - SC, model 603008SPR, April 13, 2017
I have never worked with a company that is more caring and responsive than Ark Showers.  Every question and concern was addressed quickly and professionally.  Ark Showers takes pride in their product and makes sure that the customer is completely satisfied.  The customer service is truly remarkable.  I felt like the owner took the same pride in my project that he would in his own home.  Many thanks. 
Claire D., - MO, April 9, 2017
Profile image
Here are "before-and-after" photos for you. I am very pleased with the shower screen -- it gives the bathroom a clean and updated look, and my husband tells me that it was easy to install. I thought there might be some spray escaping onto the floor from the shower head, but the screen contained the water very well. 
Donna B. - AZ., model 6008SPRC, March 9, 2017
Thank you for the great news, and for the consistently superior customer service you've offered! 
Heather S. - NY, model 7008SHSC, February 23, 2017
..It looks lovely and I am very pleased... 
Rebecca N. - CO, model 603008SHRC, February 19, 2017
I installed my Ark Shower door 18 months ago and I love it. Installation was easy if you read the instructions and take your time. Thanks! 
Thomas T. - NY, model 7008SHSC, February 15, 2017
Profile image
Here are the pix of your product in my home!
Frederick M. - IL, model 603008KHR, December 20, 2016
Profile image
Here are some pictures - sorry for the delay. Hope it'll help some customers to make the right choice. Have a great week!
David C. - NY, model 6008NPR, September 24, 2016
Thank you Andrew for running such a conscientious company-- I will be sure to recommend you for anyone looking for a shower wall. 
Rich U. - MD, model 7008SHRC, May 2, 2016
I love my shower screens and get compliments all the time.  I tell everyone where I got them! So glad I found you when I remodeled my bathrooms 4 and 5 years ago!
Vicky C. - CA, & 7008WPR & 7008WPRC, December 28, 2015
Profile image
Rec the curtain in good order installed this morning it was a breeze I would like to order spare sweep just to have as a spare if there not to much thanks Sean 
Sean B. - CA, model 603008SPRC, December 23, 2015
Profile image
Thought you might like a pic of the shower door installed.
Greg D. - IN, model 6008SPS, Placed on December 19, 2015
Profile image
Hi . I came home to find this today and was so excited !!!! Love the way it looks, has some resistance and the glass is not green .  This is just to show you . I will send pictures minus the shower product mess if you want for catalogue .   Love love love it !  You are a pleasure to work with.  Looking forward to Jeff and I referring you !!  
Donna S. - CT, model 6008NHS, December 8, 2015
Profile image
Just finished our bathroom remodel and love the shower screen.  Was very easy to install.  Also having a long narrow bathroom, the shower screen really helps open up the space.
Bill P. - MI, model 603008WPRC, November 23, 2015
Profile image
First of all, I want to thank you for all your help in ordering this door and for the great install videos.  The door arrived in less than a week from the order date in perfect shape.  It was installed by our contractor today (we found good solid wood backing behind the tile!!!) and we LOVE the look.  It was fairly easy to install – just needed a couple extra hands. I've enclosed pictures of our bath and will certainly recommend an Ark Shower screen to my clients in the future.  You are a find! Thanks so much, Mary 
Mary M. - MA, model 6008SHRC, November 10, 2015
These people are wonderful to work with and my door is superb... it is everything I wanted and I am quite pleased.
Sherrian H. - AZ, model 6008NPRC, September 24, 2015
Profile image
Thank you!! The screens really compliment the jobs very well, and actually blocked all the water! It's a very clean look!
Tristan S., Sharpesetter Tile, models 7008OHRC and 7008NHRC, September 20, 2015
This will be our third order of a semi-frameless shower screen. We purchased the first one for ourselves more than 2 years ago and still love it. We are so pleased that now both of our sons are installing shower screens in their homes. Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service! 
Jacquelyn S. - PA., model 6408NPSC, September 12, 2015
Profile image
We did install and, as you can see, the final result is better than what we had hoped and envisioned. 
Cindy & Mark P. - model 6408OHR, August 29, 2015
Profile image
I have bought 4 doors over the years and they work perfectly. For your gallery. I repurposed the superfluous one I had at the end of another tub. The chrome hinges you kindly provided worked perfectly. No water leaks underneath and so I don't need the rubber gasket. I strongly recommend modern diamond-tipped hole saws:  each of the 8 holes took a minute or so to drill. 
Andrew F. - GA, August 22, 2015
GREAT NEWS! The door was delivered at 11:30 am yesterday morning and Pierce installed it yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful! We are so very pleased. Our son and family were here visiting and are sold....The door was installed perfectly in less than an hour! Thank you for a wonderful product, superb customer service and all around satisfaction!!! 
Rachel D. - TX., model 6008NPR, July 20, 2015
We have been very happy with the screen and the installation. 
Chris K. - TX., model 603008NPR, July 13, 2015
I am super happy with the door - it is has really opened up my small bathroom! 
Jean Marie B. - DC., model 6408SHRC, June 27, 2015
Thank you so much. We are very happy with our screen and your customer service. 
Louis A. - ME, model 6008SHR, June 7, 2015
Thank you again for your patience and AMAZING customer service! We will be recommending you to our friends who might be interested, as well as our contractors, who are very impressed with the product and service. 
Ellen T. - MN., model 6408SHRC, April 21, 2015
The door looks great. Your quality is very nice and it's just like the ones I saw in Italy. 
Guylyn H. - NM., model 6408NHS, March 4, 2015
Profile image
You were SO helpful in going over my concerns about the installation of one of your semi-frameless doors. You probably don't recall but the bath tub is off level by about 1/4 inch. We installed it recently in a bathroom that was "spruced-up" but not renovated and the door is the highlight. It was not difficult to install and works wonderfully. The attached picture does not capture it well at all, but perhaps you can get the idea. Thanks again! 
Glenn K. - NY., model 603008SPR, January 14, 2015
(Subject: Shower screen love) I would just like to thank you for your great service and product! I ordered a 30in. semi-frameless screen and it was delivered safe and sound within a week. It was installed 2 weeks ago and we LOVE it! The contractor had never seen one and even they are impressed. It's one of my favorite aspects of our new bathroom. Many thanks! 
LuAnn E. - MI., model 603008NPR, November 13, 2014
Profile image
George W. - IL., model 6408SHSC, November 6, 2014
We LOVE our glass door. Have had it many years now. :) 
Darine S. - DE., model 6008BHS, October 7, 2014
I wanted to thank you for your help. We received the shower screen and my husband installed it. We love how it looks it is beautiful 
Cheryl R. - FL., model 7008SHR, September 22, 2014
Well...the door looks fabulous! The tile installers were able to return yesterday and install it for us and I must say it looks practically invisible! Thanks again 
Cindy W. - MA., 643008SHSC, September 9, 2014
My shower screen is awesome! I paid attention to your helpful instructions, and it was installed easily by our general contractor who was in charge of our remodel...I really do think that any contractor will be able to follow your easy-to-follow instructions. 
Chris L. - CA., model 6008NHRC, July 21, 2014
We love your bathtub shower screen which still looks beautiful four years later! 
Jane D. - NJ., model 6008SPR, June 16, 2014
Profile image
Shower screen looks wonderful and protection coating works well! Thanks for all your help choosing the right door. 
Linda and Lennox C. - WV., April 12, 2014
Still loving my door! Still getting compliments! People in NC look at it and say that must have cost you a lot and I just smile. Thanks for an awesome affordable product for simple people like me. So glad I researched and found you on the internet. 
Debbie K. - NC., model 7008NHR, April 3, 2014
Profile image
I just love the shower screens. My contractor has never seen this clean look before and asked me where I got them from :) He is going to order one or two for his house. 
Yeojin C. - NY., models 7008SHRC & 6408SHRC, March 31, 2014
I just wanted to let you know that my bath tub door is in place, looks terrific, and the installer said "... it was a breeze..." very easy and very simple installation. He also mentioned it appears to be a good quality product. I wish I had bought the shower door from your company also. I got it at a local dealer and is not at all what I expected.... Thank you again for your good service. 
Jeanette D. - PA., model 603008NPR, March 1, 2014
In my opinion, this small business is a model by which others could be measured. I have been impressed by the communication, the resourcefulness and awesome customer service. I've done my due-diligence and even spoke with someone else who purchased & installed this product: they agreed that this company is "the best in the market-place", in terms of price, product & service.. 
Terry A. - TX., model 6008NHRC, October 20, 2013
Profile image
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing shower screen! It's installed now and looks absolutely amazing in my newly renovated bathroom. It's the final touch that now completes the clean, modern look I was going for. I also want to thank you for shipping out a new screen so quickly as the original was damaged during shipping. I am extremely satisfied with the service, cost and end product from Ark Showers and will be sure to spread the word. Thanks again for everything! (Oh, and here are a couple of photos of my project before and after with the shower screen installed)
Jim C., Extremely Satisfied Customer - CT., model 603008SHR, August 28, 2013
About 3 years ago I purchased two sets of the frameless shower doors. I love them....Everyone that sees the shower doors loves them. 
Linda W. - GA., models 7008BHR & 7008OHR, August 8, 2013
I LOVE the way my shower/bathroom turned out. 
Cathy K. - MO, model 603008SPR, June 24, 2013
Finally installed my shower door this weekend. Great product, well thought out, looks excellent! 
Wayne P. - MN., model 6008SHS, May 19, 2013
I just want to say all of my dealing with you have been extremely good and I hope you and your staff continued success as you sell such a wonderful product and at such a reasonable price. 
Larry S. - TX., model, May 13, 2013
I would like to thank you for your prompt and personal attention throughout this matter. Your customer service has been outstanding! ....I am, also, disappointed that it did not work with our tub as I was very impressed with the product and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. 
Susan C. - TX., model 603008SHR, May 13, 2013
Thanks so much for your exemplary customer service! 
Tonya O. - MD., model 603008OHS, May 2, 2013
Profile image
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! It has made all the difference in the world. If you are hesitant about using the shower screen please don’t be – it has proven successful in not one bathroom in but two! I’m really not sure how I stumbled upon Ark Showers but am I glad I did! It is exactly what I had in my head but never thought it would be within our means to use such a high quality product. Let me start at the beginning...click here for the full story... 
Kathleen T. - NC., models 7008SHRC & 603008SHRC, April 22, 2013
We love our shower screen. I installed the screen with my wife’s help. The instructions and online video were great. It took us about 45 minutes. I was fortunate to have a square mounting wall to start with. 
Kyle J. - UT., model 6008OHRC, April 20, 2013
I just wanted to thank you for the extra service. I received the door this morning and had it installed this afternoon as planned! It looks fabulous, and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you again. 
Stephanie C. - NJ., model 643008NHRC, April 17, 2013
I bought one of your doors a few years ago and LOVE IT!.... PS - get more compliments off your door than anything else in our house 
Debbie K. - NC., model 7008NHR, April 3, 2013
I just want to let you know that our contractor installed the bathtub screen yesterday and it looks amazing. Thank You very much for offering such a great quality product and an outstanding customer service. 
Javier S. - VA., model 6408SHS, February 28, 2013
I don't see where I can add my testimonial, but I feel compelled to. I LOVE my semi frameless door. My contractor was also skeptical..but, it looks wonderful and works even better! It is so sunny and bright as I take a shower now. No more moldy shower curtain. And such a sleek, clean look. I am so glad I found you with my internet search. 
Susan C. - VA., model 6008SPR, January 26, 2013
I just unpacked the door and it looks great. It was very well-packed too. Although the pictures are great, it looks better in person. I especially love the hinge and associated hardware. Quality stuff. Great price. Great combination. I'll be sure to share my experience with any one I can. Thanks again 
Peter R. - IL., model 7008NPSC, January 14, 2013
Profile image
We love the Ark semi-frameless shower screen. It was easy to install with your guidance and my husband felt a lot of pride is getting it done. It only took an hour or so for us. We did not want to make any mistakes, so we made sure to have the right bits for drilling in our tile and took our time at each step. Our son uses the bathroom and has enjoyed the open feeling of the glass and has noted that there is little to no overspray. I love the ease of cleaning. I hated dealing with the shower curtain and I do feel that there is less water out of the tub than with the curtain. Another bonus is that the bathroom feels bigger. Love it! Thanks for providing a great product and support. 
Joanna F. - CA., model 6008SPRC, January 12, 2013
I have had the Ark Showers frameless shower screen for about a year. I want to say thanks...It is a great product and your customer service is absolutely outstanding. Glad I selected this door and happy holidays Ark Showers. 
Raul N. - MD., model 6008NHR, January 2, 2013
We love our shower screen. It was a great investment! 
Barbara S. - MN., model 6408BHRC, November 27, 2012
Thank you very much for your amazing customer service. Both shower screens have been installed and we could not be happier with the outcome. Your products and customer service were some of the best in all of our bathroom renovations.. 
Mary Beth B. - NY., models 603008NHS & 7008WPS, October 24, 2012
Just wanted to send you a follow-up message regarding my new shower screen. It looks amazing - even my skeptical contractor was very surprised at the finished results. 
Ruth U. - IL., model 6008NHR, October 7, 2012
Got one of your Shower Screens. Easy to put up. Did have a blaster for a shower head and the combination had too much water leaking. Changed to a 'rain shower' type shower head and things were much better. Like how it looks and it really opens up our 1970s bathroom. Easy to clean, and my wife, who only takes baths, is quite happy to have the previous shower doors gone. Thanks for a quality product. 
Bill H. - MN., model 6008SPRC, October 1, 2012
We love our shower door...Your company is incredible and you are a pleasure to work with. Wish you sold something that we needed more of…ha ha…it is fun to do business with you. 
Dina and Michael C. - MA., model 6008SPR, September 17, 2012
Just to let you know, I finally got the screen installed, and the wife loves...loves....loves it. ...Again, thank you for all your help on my unique problem. Product is great.. 
John K. - TN., model 603008NHR, September 17, 2012
Just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE the shower door - moved back home yesterday and it looks great in the bathroom! Tested it out last night too! Very pleased with it.. 
Kim M. - MA., model 6008BHRC, September 16, 2012
We love the door and how it looks in our bathroom! 
Lisa D. - CA., model 6008SPR, September 16, 2012
...I wanted you to know everything went well with the new order and the shower door looks and functions very well. Thank you very much for working hard to rectify the problem of the previous unsuccessful shipment. I love the product and will certainly recommend you and your company to others...Thanks again for your attentiveness. 
Elaine D. - NY., model 643008SHRC, September 11, 2012
...I love it...It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. 
Barbara L. - MD., model 7008SPR, September 11, 2012
Unbeatable offering. I tried to find a shower screen locally with the same dimensions and similar price but could not...The shower screen arrived 2 days after I ordered it. Great buying experience from start to finish...Thank you for making it easy for Americans to get shower screens... 
Stephen C. - NY., model 603008SPS, August 19, 2012
Profile image
I purchased your shower door last year and am SUPER happy with it. The whole bathroom came out just fabulous! 
Claudia M. - NY., model 6408SHRC, August 18, 2012
...The shower screen arrived yesterday and we installed it last night...what a cool product! It looks great and works! My son is thrilled and I thank you for carrying such a nice product. Let me know if you need a customer reference. Thanks again... 
Scott P. - PA., model 6008SPR, August 6, 2012
I purchased a shower door from you several months ago for one of my bathrooms and I love it! It was super easy to install, and you were really helpful answering the few questions that we had. 
Amigh M. - VA., model 6408SPSC, August 6, 2012
We love our new tub/shower door. We have been using the new bathroom for about 3 weeks and have zero complaints. Ordering was easy, product arrived on time and in perfect condition, installation was easy and it looks great. My biggest worry was that more water was going to "escape" than I anticipated. Not even a concern at all. Nothing leaves the tub area. Just a few drops to wipe up on the top of the tub wall next to the glass door. How beautiful and easy is that. Thanks for making this so easy. 
Jim P. - CT., model 6408SPRC, August 1, 2012
Just want to let you know that we are very happy with the Ark Showers. Thank you. 
Lori Z. - VA., model 603008SPRC, July 20, 2012
We have just installed a frameless shower screen in our guest room en-suite and it looks terrific! It arrived promptly, fitted easily, and removing the old aluminum framed tub sliders with a frameless glass screen makes the bathroom look so much bigger. 
Graham B. - FL., model 6008SHR, July 13, 2012
One year after purchasing our Ark Shower, we love it even more than the day it was installed. It consistently performs flawlessly, giving us both a 'splash-free' shower and the ability to have a bath without the messy and confining set-up of the traditional aluminum-framed doors on a track. 
Alexandra T. - OR., model 7008SPS, June 18, 2012
Profile image
Liked the first one so much, decided to get another! 
Terri S. - MA., model 6008SHR, June 14, 2012
Just wanted to update you...I have purchased 2 of your doors...My daughter used one of the bathrooms and so enjoyed giving her 14 month old daughter a bath. It was so much easier according to her...she could just side on the side of the tub and not have to lean over the side of the uncomfortable tracks..I never even thought about that when we ordered...a bonus! They look very nice and I am sure we will enjoy them for many years. Regards, 
Franey R. - SC., May 24, 2012
Thanks for your timely service and detailed instructions. Install took about 40 minutes and I completed it by myself. 
Derek P. - LA., model 6008NPR, May 15, 2012
...I love the look of the shower panel...
Paula L. - TX., model 7008BHSC, May 11, 2012
Very pleased with the shower door. 
Ken E. - CA., model 6008GHR, April 26, 2012
The 2 shower doors are working excellently. We are very happy with the purchases. 
Alan C. - NJ., model 7008SPR, April 22, 2012
I love the quality of your doors and recommend you highly. 
Rebecca C. - NM., model 7008SPR, March 21, 2012
I received the shower screen and it looks wonderful in my new bathroom. 
Helen G. - NY, model 6008SPSC, March 20, 2012
Thank you for producing a superior product. 
Linda R. - NY., model 7008SHSC, March 18, 2012
I just want you to know how happy I am with my shower screen. It looks great and was very easy to install. It came intact, with no box damage, but the FedEx guy wanted me to open the box after he left my house, LOL! Thanks for the great customer support. [Reply: that's funny about the FedEx guy! Actually the 5/16 (8mm) tempered glass is tough and the packaging is substantial - they rarely get smashed.] 
Bill C. - FL., March 16, 2012
I ordered the shower screen and my husband installed it by himself. He is 78 years old and he said is was very easy. 
Dee S. - MD., model 6008SPRC, March 4, 2012
We love our screen and get lots of compliments! 
Kandi J. - AL., model 6408SPR, March 4, 2012
...We are very happy with the door. As everybody else has said on your website, it looks wonderful. I just wanted to let everyone know what great service you provided... Thanks again... 
Michael & Priscilla C. - NJ., model 7008SPRC, February 11, 2012
The shower screen works great. 
Joe G. - GA., model 6408NHR, February 3, 2012
...The screen is of amazing quality as are the brushed nickel hinges.. 
Robert C. - MD., model 6008NHSC, January 22, 2012
Profile image
I meant to send you this picture a month ago when we completed the bathroom remodel. The door is amazing and a true finishing touch to the project. I installed it myself in about 30 minutes. I had paid close attention to the tile work to make sure the wall it is fastened to was very plumb hence the easy install...I would highly recommend your products and company to anyone. Thanks again for the great service. 
Roger V. - AZ., model 7008SPRC, January 15, 2012
The Frameless Shower Screen has been installed and looks fantastic. It is beautiful, sleek and makes the room look bigger. Thank you for such an exceptional product 
Judy R. - MI, model, December 10, 2011
Profile image
Here is the picture I promised... Love it!
Lynette B., - MA., model 6008NHSC, November 24, 2011
Profile image
Thank you for your help, I'm very pleased 
Keith R. - CA., model 6008SHRC, October 28, 2011
The shower door is in and looks GREAT! ....thanks for working with me.....gh 
Gary H. - OK., model 6008NHR, September 27, 2011
Truly excellent seller with stellar service both before and after sale. These are people that want your business and they have a great product. Highly recommend." (Amazon) 
Samantha C., - Quebec, model 6008SHR, September 19, 2011
I LOVE the shower shield. It looks beautiful...Thanks again. I highly recommend your company.. 
Joan L. - NJ., model 6008SHR, September 18, 2011
I am very happy with my shower screen as it was the perfect answer for a small bathroom with a pitched roof. 
Vince D. - NJ., model 6008WPR, September 18, 2011
...We love the shower screen... 
Drew M. - NJ., model 7008BHR, September 18, 2011
A1... Would buy from seller again." (Amazon) 
Martine B. - CA., model 6008NHR, September 15, 2011
Just wanted to let you know the installation of the shower door went without a hitch and the door looks great. Just what was needed in a small bathroom and it shows off the tile work on the wall behind it. Thanks for all your help... 
Georgianna S. - CA, model 6408SPR, September 14, 2011
Very beautiful shower door. The hardware is beautiful. Ark Showers were very professional..." (Amazon) 
Brandi H., - IL, model 6008NHR, August 20, 2011
Profile image
Thanks again for this beautiful door and all your help. I am so pleased with your product... 
Mary S., - PA., model 6008OHR, August 15, 2011
The customer service was fantastic, and the semi-frameless door arrived just a few days after I placed the order. The door looks beautiful mostly because it almost disappears, expanding the sense of space in our narrow bathroom. (You're not aware of the metal on the semi-frameless model, btw, something I wasn't sure about from the pictures online.) The 90-degree pivot will make it easy to wash the dog (or young children!) in the tub, and to enjoy a sense of open space while bathing. Our contractor could tell that the door was going to be easy to install, but he was still impressed at how quickly he could do it (which saved us money, of course). Ours was installed in a Sterling (Kohler) tub/shower surround. No problems with that at all, except (in our case) the height: the surround's height was less than that of the 60" door. No problem for the contractor, who added a narrow strip on the wall, above the surround, that looks just like the surround's pseudo-tile. Really, it all just disappears! So yes, you can attach these doors to tub/shower surrounds, even when the surround height is less than the door's. 
Meredith H. - MA, model 6008SPRC, August 1, 2011
I ordered an Ark Shower door last summer and am super happy with it 
Alexander A. - D.C., model 6008SHS, July 22, 2011
Profile image
I am absolutely THRILLED... 
Maggie M. - TX., model 7008NHSC, July 14, 2011
My shower door is now installed and I could not be happier with it. Great product for a great price! 
Susan B. - OK., model 6008SHS, June 25, 2011
Profile image
My wife and I are extremely happy with the frameless shower screen from Ark Showers we installed two months ago. Our master bath is the only bathroom on the main level of our home, so it sees many visitors. We've received many complements on our renovation and in particular the beauty of the shower screen. As you can see in the attached photo, it enables us to show off the tile surrounding our tub. We really enjoy showering in a space that feels as large as the bathroom. It takes less than 30 seconds to squeegee the ClearShield coated screen which keeps it perfectly clean. We also find that only a few drops of water find their way to the outside of the screen, easily wiped up with a washcloth. Thanks again for your personal assistance on the phone during the screen's installation. It was very obvious that you are concerned about your customers' satisfaction. You have a great product 
Gerry S. - PA., model 6408NHRC, June 21, 2011
Thank you for providing great service! 
Dennis D. - FL., model 6008WPS, June 20, 2011
Thank you so much. What great customer service. 
Donovan S. - MA., model 6408SHR, June 13, 2011
I wanted to tell you how very pleased I am that I purchased the ClearShield coating on the shower door. My husband said one day; “You know this shower door isn’t like my mother’s or brother’s it is really easy to clean.” That is when I knew the ClearShield was well worth the $100.00 
Betty P. - CA., model 7008SPS, June 10, 2011
I very much enjoy the screen I purchased from Ark Showers 
Catherine S. - CA., model 7008BHS, June 10, 2011
The glass is now in place and looks lovely. Thank you for your assistance. 
Eve B. - DC., model 6008NHRC, June 7, 2011
WOW! Amazing customer service! 
Claudia M. - NY., May 30, 2011
I have been nothing but completely thrilled with every step of the process concerning my shower screen. From the initial ordering to the installation, Ark Showers have been very professional in explaining the options, answering my questions.... I've now had it for several weeks and am completely satisfied. In addition to a quality product, it has now added depth to my bathroom by opening up the tub. Thanks! 
Thom H. - IL, model 6408SPR May 29, 2011
We are really enjoying the shower screen – it is the perfect item! Looks great, and works like a dream. I will send you pix once the room is painted. Thank you for providing such an excellent product, and even better customer service. 
Jill F. - CA, model 6408SHR, May 21, 2011
The Shower Screen arrived on Tuesday as planned, shipped via UPS. The box did contain 3 small holes, finger size, and the driver did note it on his shipping invoice. However, the screen was packed so well that no damage was done whatsoever to the screen. Our installer even commented how well the screen was packed. The screen was installed this morning and we are most pleased. It could not have gone smoother. From start to finish it has been a pleasure to do business with Ark Showers. You answered all my questions, made delivery accomodations, and did follow up after delivery to ensure everything was well. Your web site is easy to follow and we found the instructional video most helpful. The Shower Screen is a beautiful addition to our bathroom remodel. 
Barbara S. - MN., model 6408BHRC, April 20, 2011
I must say the installation was super duper easy and it looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to take a shower in there once the tile is sealed ;-) I think ease of installation is a HUGE feature of your product and though I’m not sure of the installation process with similar shower screens, I’m certain traditional American doors with a track are definitely more of a nuisance to install. Though it may sound cliché, installation of an Ark Screen is as easy as 1-2-3 (take out of package, install frame to wall, affix door to frame). Voila! Thank you again not only for a beautiful product, but also your “tech support”! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and I’ll be sure to pass along your name/company whenever I can :D 
Schweta S. - IL, model 6408SPR, April 7, 2011
Your screens inspired me to upgrade my bathroom 
Janet D - NJ., model 6008SHRC, March 30, 2011
Profile image
We love our Ark Shower Screen! As promised, we have forwarded photos of our remodel using an Ark Shower Screen, Semi-frameless. We actually designed the bathroom around the door's functional, both directions access. We have not completed the project, but here you can see our design with the door. We are so pleased that we purchased this door and the installation video we looked at several times, good tips!...As you can see, it turned out fantastic. The Ark Shower Screen has such a sleek, clean design...Thanks so much for your help. We have already recommended this shower door to our friends and our veterinarian was here to give all the horses their shots and saw the door and he loved it, too.. 
Tammee Y. - KS, model 7008WPR, March 21, 2011
I want to thank you again for your wonderful service and consideration...If anyone asks you for a referral, I would be happy to provide it. I have already told friends and contractors alike about Ark Showers. 
Mickey G. - PA., model 6408WHR March 17, 2011
...The screen is working very well... 
Sue S. - MD., model 6008WPR, March 7, 2011
Thank you for your prompt follow up email and excellent customer service. As a consumer, it is always nice to make a purchase from a business that employs friendly, knowledgable people... 
Tammy W. - CA, model 6408SHRC, March 3, 2011
Profile image
"I just want to let you know how happy I am of your service and product. We received the shower panel on time as expected and the installation went smoothly. ...it was simple to install. You have a great product that I would recommend to friends and family anytime. Attached is a picture of our bathroom. Thanks again 
YU-CHI V. B NY, model 7008SHS, February 19, 2011
Profile image
Love my bathroom Thank you I really enjoy my new bathroom now 
JUDY L., MS, model 6008SHR, February 19, 2011
Had glass shower screen installed yesterday. It looks and works wonderful. Thanks much 
Gary B. - NY, model 7008BHS, February 16, 2011
We completed our shower remodel in January 2011. We are so pleased with the shower door that we received from Ark Showers. I called several times with different questions and they were very prompt, helpful and courteous... We can't imagine what our remodel would have looked like without the Ark Shower Screen. It was like the icing on the cake! Thanks for your product! 
Aisia C. - IL, model 6408BHR, February 14, 2011
Profile image
Attached is a photo of our bathroom with the shower door installed. It is great, we are really happy with it. 
Heidi H. - IL, model 7008SHS, February 8, 2011
The screen arrived safe and sound last Thursday, and was installed today. I chose to have it professionally installed. The installer was very complementary of the product - he had installed a semi-frameless one, but this was his first frameless installation. He was so impressed that he will be contacting you directly...Everything went together quickly with no problems - all the hardware seemed top notch. One nice touch was the spring loaded hinge that brought the panel back to centerline. It wasn't apparent on your product description, but it is a great feature that you should highlight...Again, thanks for everything 
Lou A. - ME, model 6008SHR January 31, 2011
I wish the rest of my suppliers were that quick... 
Jim M. - IN, model 7008OHR, January 26, 2011
The delivery was prompt...The installation went smoothly... The shower screen opened up our bathroom and it looks really good... 
Elke R. - TN, model 7008SPR, January 23, 2011
I installed the shower glass and Sharon absolutely loves it!!! Very easy to install and looks great. You have an awesome product and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.. 
Rob B. - KY, January 19, 2011
We love the shower door... 
Max P. - PA, model 6008SHS, January 13, 2011
You're company is amazing!...I cannot believe how quickly the shower door was delivered! 
Dottie J. - OH, model 6008SPR, January 11, 2011
...looks wonderful...your customer service is outstanding! 
Carole R. - MD, model 6408SPR, January 6, 2011
I am enjoying the shower screen immensely and show it off to all visitors. It was the best home improvement choice I made! 
Cathy H. - PA, model 6408BHS, January 4, 2011
The screen was packed extremely well. Did extensive research before purchasing. I even called before I ordered had to leave a message and the owner responded back in a timely fashion and answered all my questions. I couldn't believe how fast I received it. It was just as pictured very easy to install did view the video on line. It was the perfect addition to my bathroom. I have gotten so many compliments from everyone who sees or uses the bathroom. Most important was that it doesn't leak. Thanks for such a great product and GREAT SERVICE 
Elese B. - NJ, model 7008SPR, January 4, 2011
Just wanted to let you know that I got the screen and it is up and I Love it!!! Thanks so much 
Debbie F. - TX, model 7008BHR, December 9, 2010
The screen has been installed and looks beautiful…Thanks again for excellent service and a beautiful screen! My husband wants one now for his shower. 
Susan E. - NH, model 7008SPR, November 21, 2010
We are delighted with the look of our Ark Shower Screen. It adds an elegant touch to our bath reno without hiding the tile work over the tub. 
Martin F. - CT, model 7008BHR, November 6, 2010
Just a note to let you know that the installation went well and the panel looks great! 
Joe G. - IL, model 6008BHS, October 24, 2010
It arrived fast, in great condition, installed easily, and is a fantastic addition to our bathroom. Thanks for a great product and great service. 
Jane B. - NC, model 6408SPR, October 23, 2010
My screen is finally installed and looks great. 
Alicia H. - CA,. model 6408PHS, October 13, 2010
Profile image
I just wanted to send you a few pictures of your product in my bathroom. I just completed the stained glass mural and love how the glass wall panels and tub surround are completely visible with the wonderful shower screen. I love how I can open the screen out of the way when I soak in the tub. Thanks for a great product. 
Karin V.N. - AZ, model 6008SPR, August 27, 2010
I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you how pleased we are with our shower screens! The screens are sleek and beautiful, and were the perfect choice for our new, but small bathrooms! Everytime I walk into one of our bathrooms, I smile, because the screens are exactly what I envisioned for our bathrooms. All the guys who worked for the contractor I hired were really impressed with the screens. Thank you for bringing this product to the US…I know if most people are in the process of updating their bathrooms, they would be thrilled to learn of this option. Your product is simply superlative! 
Lona G. - MD, models 6008BHR, 6408BHS, August 21, 2010
I love the shower screen! 
Roslyn G. - IL, model 7008SHR, August 17, 2010
Profile image
The shower screen arrived on time and well packaged, and the installation went smoothly. The video link provided an accurate step by step guide. I couldn't be more pleased. The glass screen shows off our lovely tile, once hidden completely by a shower curtain, and makes our small bathroom look and feel less closed-in. 
Sally J. - NY, model 7008SHR, August 10, 2010
The shower screen is lovely. I have had quite a few compliments from friends and family. 
Debbie Y. - CA, model 6008SHS, August 3, 2010
Profile image
We are really enjoying the shower screen – it is the perfect item! Looks great, and works like a dream. I will send you pix once the room is painted. Thank you for providing such an excellent product, and even better customer service! 
Lyn F. - NJ, model 7008SPS, June 29, 2010
I am very much enjoying the new shower screen. It is a beautiful addition to our recently remodeled bathroom…I am very happy to have found your website. 
Megan B. - AZ, model 7008BHR. May 23, 2010
Profile image
Our bathroom was a typical "hall bathroom" at 5' x 8' with a sliding shower door. With our recent remodel, we wanted to make best use of the space. Your shower screen made all the difference in the world. I'm so glad I found your product on the internet! Our contractor had no difficulty installing it; all the parts that were needed were included in the shipment. The materials and craftsmanship are excellent. Thank you for making this product available for those of us who want to brighten up a room and make the best of a small space. I've attached before and after photos:Our bathroom was a typical "hall bathroom" at 5' x 8' with a sliding shower door. With our recent remodel, we wanted to make best use of the space. Your shower screen made all the difference in the world. I'm so glad I found your product on the internet! Our contractor had no difficulty installing it; all the parts that were needed were included in the shipment. The materials and craftsmanship are excellent. Thank you for making this product available for those of us who want to brighten up a room and make the best of a small space. I've attached before and after photos: 
Dan & Nancy R. - AZ, model 6408SHR, May 13, 2010
Just wanted to email and let you know we are very happy with the shower screen. It arrived safely and the installation went just like the video on the web site. We are very happy with the product and have already recommended it to several people. 
Richard B. - PA, model 6008SPR, March 28, 2010
we love our shower screens!thank u so much! u were great to do business with! thanks so much! 
Jennifer L. - LA, 6408BHR, 6408BHS, March 21, 2010
Many, many thanks … and let me know if you need me for a reference. I have given your website to several people here who liked the final product.
Cathy H. - PA, model 6408BHS, March 17, 2010
Profile image
…I just wanted to let you know that I love my new shower screen! I was really impressed with the quality of your product and ease of installation. I was a little skeptical at first about how well it would keep the water in the tub but after using it, I'm completely sold. It works amazingly well, is easy to clean, makes my small bathroom look twice as big as it really is, definitely brings an air of class to room. Thanks again for your quality service and I will definitely spread the word. 
GREG P. - IL, model 6408SHR, March 16, 2010
The packaging was 5 star class and all arrived ok…The shower is now complete and looks great as well as being rather unique for Japan. I have had various trades people around, including glass manufacturers and all were very impressed. I expect we will be shipping more units in the short term. 
David M. - Kobe Japan(!), model 7008SPR, March 14, 2010
I wanted to let you know that we received the door on Friday. The UPS driver dumped it standing up in the snow at the end of the driveway. I was worried it may have been damaged, but all is well. We installed it yesterday and it was well worth the wait. 
SUSAN G. - PA, model 6408WPR, February 14, 2010
I have never had such excellent customer service. The product is great and I absolutely recommend this merchant. I found this company online and was immediately attracted by the unpretentious "minimalist" approach. thank you! 
CLAUDINE G. TX, - model 6408WPS, February 4, 2010
I just wanted to let you know that the shower door is installed and looks beautiful. I'm very happy, the installation went well…Thank you very much for all your help, I will certainly recommend your company to all my friends! 
BERLIND M. - CT, model 7008SPS, February 4, 2010
Profile image
The shower screen was installed without incident and everyone had very favorable comments…By the way, my tub is a Kohler Villager also. I opted for the Kohler Villager K-713 model with the wider flange at the wall side and am glad I did. This gives a bit more elbow room. I am very pleased with the whole setup. I thank you for all of your support throughout the process. 
ALBERT S. - CT, model 6408SPR, January 4, 2010
…Just a quick note to let you know that my shower screen has been installed and in use for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it… 
DIANA D. - OHIO, model 7008SPS, December 23, 2009
Thank you for the phone call, what great customer service to call after delivery! I have already installed both the doors in my next door neighbors home. I believe anyone can install this if they pay attention to your installation instructions. I am a General contractor and was impressed with how easy it really was. They arrived with no visible damage, great packaging two together. This is a visibly very good looking door, I was concerned with the long hinge compared to a normal frameless glass door which only has two small hinges. My neighbors were very impressed with the look in both applications, and the price, compared to a local quote for frameless glass shower doors. Thanks for your attention to detail, your great instruction video and your service. 
LARRY S. - TX, model 7008SPR, October 22, 2009
I purchased a shower screen from Ark Showers about six months ago. I totally remodeled one of the bathrooms in our home. The tub previously had a frosted double sliding shower door with a gold metal frame which made the bathroom look very enclosed and was difficult to clean, as a bonus it also fell off of it's track about once a week. After much research online I was sold on the unique European style "shower screen" that for some reason is nearly unheard of in America. Ark Showers' site promised the best quality and an easy install and they delivered big time. The screen is made with very thick glass and an excellent fit and finish that screams attention to detail. Installation was very easy. The room feels much larger and looks "sharper". The screen functions great with no water leakage, no doors off of the track, a look that can't be beat and cleaning that is so easy it is incredible. I have included a picture of my tub with the screen installed. I would recommend Ark Showers products to anyone. 
SCOTT N. - TX, model 7008WPR, August 16, 2009
The glass is thicker than what is offered typically online which I think provides a more luxurious feel as well. It arrived quickly (three days after it was ordered) in perfect condition. Andrew was extremely responsive and helpful with questions about the product as well as installation. It is a quality piece especially for the price. People are surprised that it was so inexpensive. 
MICHELLE C. - CO, model 7008SPR, August 5, 2009
…Love the shower screen – beautiful, high quality… 
EDIE H. - WA, model 7008SPR, July 14, 2009
In March 2008 we decided to go ahead with a long put off bathroom update, which included adding a shower to our tub. One of the reasons that we were dragging our feet was due to the fact we could not decide what kind of door or curtain we wanted for our new tub/shower combination. Neither one appealed to us because of the small size of the room. When we came across the Ark Showers product while searching the internet, we were intrigued. It appeared to be exactly what we were looking for, but we had some questions. We contacted Ark Showers. One of the major questions we had was would it keep the water in the tub and not on the floor, also we did not want to make the room seem even smaller. Ark Showers assured us that it would contain the water in the tub with no more splash then if someone was taking a bath. We decided to give it a try. Our contractor was very skeptical, he did not want to install it due to the fact he had never seen anything like it before and was convinced we would be unhappy with it, but over his strong objections we insisted this was what we wanted and had it installed. We are so happy we did. We have now used the shower screen since May 2008 and are thrilled with its performance. It does everything that was promised and looks great. The quality is exceptional. The glass thickness is substantial and stands up well to everyday use but still gives us the almost invisible look that we were hoping for. Ours has an attractive white finish that is easy to clean and looks great every day. Another feature we love is that the door opens both out and in. It makes access to the tub easy. No track to clean or to interfere with tub use. We love our screen. Remember the contractor that was skeptical? Even he is now convinced that this is a great product. Ark Showers gave exceptional service. When we ordered the door it arrived promptly. So quickly in fact we did not need it for several weeks. When our contractor was ready to install it, he opened the box to find it was damaged in shipping. We immediately e-mailed Ark Showers and they promptly replied and shipped us a new door with no arguments. The amazing thing is it arrived the next day. No one could believe this. We were able to continue our project with no delay. We are truly happy with our shower screen and the service we received. We would highly recommend it to anyone. 
BILL AND MARY ELLEN S. - IA, model 7008SPR, November 22, 2008
Profile image
We have been very happy with our shower screen. We first saw this type of shower screen on a vacation to Venice, Italy. Searching on the Internet we found you. The screen is so much better than that ugly shower curtain. The quality is superb. Thick heavy glass. Installation was not difficult at all. My husband needed some help just to drill through the tile already on the wall, otherwise it fit perfectly. We get so many compliments, every time someone sees it in our bathroom. It is a breeze to keep clean also. After each shower I spray it down with a commercial everyday shower spray. The water stays in the shower area, sometimes a light misting my come out at the far end, but it's only water! Our whole bathroom is tiled, so a towel wiping takes care of everything. We had a local glass and mirror installer here for a mirror we put in our closet area, and he saw the shower screen. He couldn't believe the price we paid, and said if he were asked to make something like that it would have been much more than we paid. It's great using the Jacuzzi tub now also. The shower curtain is gone, and it just looks great! Again, we couldn't be happier! You have a great product! 
LUANN & VIC M. - NJ, model 7008SPR, November 17, 2008
The shower screen is very attractive and not a drop of water gets out (even when my 5 year-old showers). I found dealing with Ark Showers a pleasure: I had some sizing questions that were answered instantly and expertly on email, and delivery was very fast – 2-3 days. Installation went very smoothly – if you can drill 3 holes, you can install this yourself. The glass is very thick – much thicker than I expected, and this beautiful addition to the bath should last indefinitely. I looked at many similar items on the Internet and compared price and quality. The shower door from Ark Showers won on every criterion. I plan to re-do 2 more baths and they am definitely getting doors from Ark Showers: no more unsightly, moldy shower curtains! My European friends and family say they are universal there. 
ANDREW F. - GA, model 7008SPR, November 16, 2008
The shower screen we purchased from Ark Showers in September is GREAT! We love the way it looks, functions and the quality is excellent. It keeps the water out, for our application in a small restroom, the glass thickness is perfect, frame finish is just what I envisioned and the installation was easy. I had questions concerning the different finishes prior to my purchase, Ark Showers responded immediately. Delivery was prompt and packaging of the product, again excellent. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend this product and Ark Showers! 
SYLVIA L. - CA, model 7008SPR, November 15, 2008