The idea for the frameless bath tub shower door and Ark Showers came about when the founder was renovating his bathrooms in Chicago. One of them had a moldy shower curtain and the other had flimsy frosted sliding doors on rails.

The founder is from the UK where bathtub shower doors (or bath screens, as they are known there) are popular and shower curtains and sliding doors a thing of the past. He was surprised to find that few people have bathtub shower screens over tubs here in the U.S. and those who do pay hundreds of dollars more for quality models with thicker glass.


Ark Showers is a family owned business selling unique products. We don't buy through distributors and are consequently able to offer quality shower screens for competitive prices. We carry a large inventory at our Chicago warehouse so nearly all of our orders ship in 1-2 business days.

We invite you to look around our website to learn more about our frameless bath shower screens and find out what a difference they can make in your bathroom. We are confident that you would be pleased with our products and the service we provide.

How a bathtub shower door can transform your bathroom

The photos below show how a typical bathroom can be transformed by replacing the shower curtain with a bath shower screen, opening up the showering area and creating a sense of space, helping to make a small bathroom feel bigger. (You can see more before and after photos on the Testimonials page).